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Wood Windows

Our wood windows are light, durable and attractive as well. Wood windows offer good insulation properties. They are also fairly priced and most importantly, can be worked into various profiles and shapes.

The durability of wood windows can be enhanced with some regular care. All you need is to get the right style and type of your house among the many options and manufacturers. Our company will give you a list of choices to compare and advice you on the best wood window for your house. Our window experts will take through a process of making the right selection of windows for new constructions or replacements.

These wood windows are designed to brighten your home, feed you with fresh air, restrict infiltration of rain and enhance the general appearance of both the outside and inside of your house through a careful match to the architecture style.


Windows come in different quality, types and shapes. The quality, functionality and durability of windows are very important and that is why our PVC windows are UV stabilized for adverse weather conditions.

Our standardization meets the Canadian standards taking into account the up-to-date Bushfire regulations. Our PVC windows give you minimum maintenance issues, high energy efficiency, superior noise reduction and various locking mechanisms. Most importantly, they are non-flammable and non-corrosive.

The PVC windows are designed to desirable insulating properties both in summer and during winter. This has been made possible through the use of the latest technology and automated production.

Aluminum Clad

Ideally, our Aluminum Clad Windows are made of beautiful wood to the inside, with an aluminum clad to the outside. This makes the windows more weatherproof than ordinary wood windows and also easy to maintain. This is made possible with the use of a premium powder coating.

Wood and Aluminum are always a perfect combination that produces highly desirable qualities needed to enhance the quality of windows. Normally, the wood choice is pine but wood upgrades are also available for you to make your preference. Our cladding is available in any color of your choice.

Our Aluminum cladding is made with an element of architectural design too. We are not limited to one design and can customize based on your needs.


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