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We are not limited to one way of making doors. There is room for custom doors for you. Statements windows and doors experts allow you to think outside the norm and help you make a custom door that fits your chosen style.

With custom doors, you can match and mix different wood, glass and designs from the options we have. If not, you can scratch up your own idea and then we help you develop it. You could start with our already hand-crafted doors that can be customized by choosing various exclusive, high-performing species of wood.

Statements windows and doors also partners with professional craftsmen to provide you with a myriad of creations. Custom doors can be made based on choice of materials for the door, size, shape or by design. Once decided, we will work on your custom door and give it a high quality finish coupled with special panel treatments and other decorative accents.

Wood Doors

An attractive wood door is the best choice for your home, particularly to the outside. We give you a variety of styles for your wood door. You could ask yourself, “Is a wood door good enough?”Well, it depends on a number of things: the types of wood chosen – different trees have different qualities and again, every expert comes with a different set of skills to the job.

Manufactured wood doors are meant to offer greater flexibility, dimensional stability and sufficient strength. Core materials for our wood doors are chosen to attain maximum dependability and strength for a lifetime. With the use of superior technology, we are able to build much more doors. We have a lot of options for you based on your preferences and budget.

Fiberglass Doors

Statements windows and doors provide a wide choice of fiberglass doors to match different preferences and tastes. Our fiberglass doors are of great value due to their durability, ability to resist denting, cracking, splitting and warping. We make fiberglass doors that come in both textured (with wood grain) and smooth finish, and can as well be stained (textured) or painted.

Statements offers fiberglass doors that are available in a wide range of glass options and panel designs. We give you high performance doors you would expect from fiberglass comparable to a hardwood door. More than that, we give you high quality architectural design imparting warmth on doorways having a natural look that is perfect for your choosing.

Nothing beats a fiberglass door in terms of performance and value. Most importantly, our fiberglass doors are well crafted, secure, energy efficient and effortless to maintain.

Sliding Doors

If you are looking for elegance, safety, comfort and efficiency, Statements window and doors has a sliding door that exceeds your expectations. The excellent workmanship of our quality sliding doors offers a visual presentation that your family and friends will love. We are committed to give you more than an egress but rather a statement of your perception about life, your personality and the manner in which you would like the world to gain entry and exit.

Statements sliding doors are the perfect match to the individuality of your home alongside the design décor you are making. The panels of the doors are particularly designed to permit maximum view and strengthened to endure day-to-day use. Our sliding doors are of reliable security, are easy to operate and highly durable. This is part of how Statements windows and doors Company has transformed a great idea into top-notch sliding door for every style in any home.

Swinging Doors

Statements windows and doors offers a variety of doors to choose from, including, swinging doors. We are only committed to deliver high quality products in the region. Swinging doors are a practical and versatile choice for many buildings. If there is space in your building without waiting traffic, especially in corridors and hallways, then you could consider having an automatic swinging door.

Our swinging doors are perfect options for automating already existing double or single doors in your building. Again, they are easy to install and operate smoothly and quietly. We have included good safety features as well and can be customized to revert to a manual door if you want, for use specially when there is shortage of power.

Bi-Fold Doors

Choose your doors today from a variety of bi-fold doors available at Statements Windows and Doors Company. Our bi-fold doors are exclusively designed doors and manufactured based on your desired requirements. Statements bi-fold doors are of high quality and value to ensure a warm, secure and dry home.

Statements bi-fold doors are tested using a weather rated system to make sure that they can withstand adverse weather conditions. Our bi-fold door tracks and frames are among the narrowest you can ever find within the region and comply with widely acceptable standards. Our doors come with a guarantee and can be serve different functions of offering security, energy efficiency and are easy to maintain.


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