Wood windows have been around for many years. However, they are definitely facing competition from those made of vinyl material. Have you heard of this hot topic? Many people are indeed getting informed before making a choice between the two. The two options have been widely used for replacements and the competition between them is very evident. Definitely, there must be the best choice, but which one? Everyone has their own reasons why they prefer one option over the other but one definitely has many preferences. Well, let us look at the weight factor. An average wood window by size weighs in the range of 20 – 30 pounds. It has a number of pleasant characteristics. It is no doubt that the two options have close similarities. While cleaning them, you will get to see each corner of the frame. However, there is one problem. Consider the designs, corners and the frame angles particularly when repainting, sanding and scrapping them. A lot of attention is needed while cleaning the wood ones. You will require a very strict plan for inspection on cladding as well as trimming off cracks that could make easy paths for water to sip through the wood. This would make it warp and deform the entire frame. Wood is susceptible to moisture and therefore, it is a weakness when compared to other options such as vinyl.


The better window option

A vinyl frame for replacement of an average size has a weight of about 8-12 pounds. It is very easy to personalize and come up with your own design. It can be customized according to your style and preference. Additionally, there are a number of color options to choose from and it is what many people like you should be thinking of.  It is a strong frame with amazing qualities. The most beautiful part is the low maintenance costs. Vinyl does not have wood properties hence making its cleaning very easy. There are no warping worries. The vinyl option has energy saving qualities that is a big plus to your home. It stabilizes inside temperatures during the cold season leaving you without the need to heat up your room. The advantages of its sleek nature override the bulk form of wood. Statements Windows and Doors service recommends it for an awesome experience at your home. Our offers come with good warranties.


Stylish window designs enhancing your home functionality

Wood windows have traditionally been used for its availability and fair look. However, modern housing needs more than just being available and good appearance. Vinyl windows are a highly recommended brand with a myriad of benefits that are obvious when compared with those made of wood.  Again, they are cheap, easy to maintain and help a lot in saving energy in your home. These are useful aspects that go a long way to save your resources and time while making your life very much comfortable. Contact Statements Windows and Doors service for purchases and installation of vinyl frames.